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The good folks at U.S. Veterans Compensation Programs put together a database of all the chemical spraying operations in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, from May 15, 1960 - May 4, 1971. The database includes the date, mission number, location, chemical used and the amount of said chemical. We have duplicated that database here.

A few notes about the listing below:

  1. There are a total of 4564 missions in the database with 100 listed per page.
  2. Missions in Red are missions applying 1000 gallons of chemical or less, which makes it possible that they COULD HAVE been performed by helicopter.
  3. This information was compiled by U.S. Veterans Compensation Programs. Their source is unknown.
  4. You can download the entire list as an Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Filter and/or Sort the list.
Chemical Spray Missions Listing
4564 Total Records
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DateMission #LocationChemicalAmount
05/15/19606358Bien Hoa, VNAgent Orange200
08/10/19611Kon Tum, VNDinoxol0
08/24/19612Thu Dau Mot, VNDinoxol0
09/07/19613Dong Xoai, VNDinoxol0
10/17/19614Bien Hoa, VNTrinoxol0
10/17/19615Thu Dau Mot, VNTrinoxol0
01/10/19626Svay Rieng, KHAgent Purple0
02/01/19627Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/02/19628Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/03/19629Bien Hoa, VNAgent Blue0
02/03/196210Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/04/196211Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/05/196212Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/06/196213Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/07/196214Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
02/08/196215Ba Ria, VNAgent Purple0
02/09/196216Ba Ria, VNAgent Purple0
02/10/196217Ba Ria, VNAgent Purple0
02/11/196218Ba Ria, VNAgent Purple0
02/12/196219Vung Tau, VNAgent Purple0
02/13/196220Vung Tau, VNAgent Purple0
02/14/196221Ba Ria, VNAgent Purple0
02/14/196222Dong Xoai, VNAgent Purple1,040
02/15/196223Vung Tau, VNAgent Purple0
02/15/196224Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple1,040
02/16/196225Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple2,000
02/17/196226Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,280
03/01/196227Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
03/05/196228Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple0
09/03/196229Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,600
09/04/196230Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,600
09/05/196231Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,600
09/06/196232Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,600
09/07/196233Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple797
09/20/196234Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple2,000
09/21/196235Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,409
09/24/196236Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple2,000
09/27/196237Tra Vinh, VNAgent Purple1,894
09/30/196238Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,500
10/01/196239Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,500
10/03/196240Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,546
10/04/196241Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,409
10/08/196242Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,800
10/09/196243Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,800
10/10/196244Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,800
10/11/196245Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple1,800
11/21/196246Bao Loc, VNAgent Blue700
11/22/196247Bao Loc, VNAgent Blue975
11/23/196248Bao Loc, VNAgent Blue975
12/14/196249Tuy Hoa, VNAgent Purple100
12/18/196250Song Cau, VNAgent Purple1,950
12/24/196251Quy Nhon, VNAgent Purple1,750
02/16/196352Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/18/196353Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/18/196354Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/18/196355Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/18/196356Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/19/196357Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/20/196358Hue, VNAgent Purple62
02/24/196359Hue, VNAgent Purple62
06/06/196360Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple985
06/07/196361Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple2,000
06/08/196362Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple815
06/09/196363Cau Mau, VNAgent Purple815
06/15/196364Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple675
07/03/196313000Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/04/196313001Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/05/196313002Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple255
07/05/196313003Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple420
07/05/196313004Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple420
07/06/196313005Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/07/196313006Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/09/196313007Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/09/196313008Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/10/196313009Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/11/196313010Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple675
07/12/196313011Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple535
07/12/196313012Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple140
07/13/196313016Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple560
07/13/196313019Long Khahn, VNAgent Purple225
07/16/196365Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple675
07/17/196366Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple675
07/18/196367Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple675
07/19/196368Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple675
07/25/196313020Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple500
07/25/196313021Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple175
07/26/196313022Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple675
07/27/196313023Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple365
07/27/196313024Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple400
07/28/196313025Bien Hoa, VNAgent Purple725
10/14/19639921-aDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/14/19639921-bDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/14/19639921-cDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/15/19639915-aDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/15/19639915-bDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/15/19639915-cDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/16/19639909-aDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/16/19639909-bDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/16/19639909-cDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
10/17/19639903-aDong Xoai, VNAgent Purple900
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